Supporting Small Business

In today’s economy, the term “small business” encompasses the part-time, work at home entrepreneur to the owner of a global, multi-million dollar company. While the scope and needs of these businesses vary dramatically; every successful business must track cash flow, manage business growth, and ensure timely financial reporting.

Blackfish Accounting provides a wide range of accounting services and management services to support business owners and non-profit managers with day-to-day, monthly, quarterly, or annual tasks.  Blackfish’s accounting support services help clients:

  • File annual corporate tax returns;
  • Respond to changing business dynamics through corporate reorganization and restructuring;
  • Research and develop new business startup or prepare to sell or purchase a business;
  • Create succession plans that reduce challenges related to the business and management transition;
  • Manage bookkeeping and payroll, reporting systems and processes

To learn more about how Blackfish Accounting can help streamline business operations, maximize corporate tax savings, or establish a plan for selling a business, phone 604-437-1978 or contact us.