Tax Preparation

Whether it’s personal, corporate, or estate, Blackfish Accounting can prepare tax returns, as well as all federal and provincial remittance and reporting forms. Our personal tax preparation services include:

  • Compiling and reviewing personal tax returns;
  • Planning for and completing estate tax returns to maximize tax savings

We can sort through tax related paperwork, identify where taxes can be saved, and submit the tax related forms no matter how long the delay in filing.  Trust Blackfish Accounting to accurately prepare personal, estate, and corporate tax returns that maximize tax savings. Blackfish Accounting commits to ensuring timely and accurate tax returns for clients.

To learn more about how Blackfish can help, phone 604-437-1978 or contact us.

Personal Tax Returns

Blackfish’s personal tax preparation services meet the needs of clients of all ages and incomes. We are comfortable processing a variety of tax returns ranging from simple (one reporting slip) to complex (multiple un-incorporated businesses).

To learn more about Blackfish’s tax preparation services, electronic or paper returns, or Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax guidelines, phone 604-437-1978 or contact us.