Estate Planning

As individuals it is very natural to avoid planning for emergencies – particularly when the planning involves a serious accident or possibly death. However, writing a will and purchasing insurance are essential to assist families in times of crisis, as is having a clear Estate Plan. An estate plan provides clear direction on financial, tax, and business issues should an individual become incapacitated or die.

Whether a client is a sole income earner for a young family or a retired individual it is important to assess tax implications and provide clear directions for distributing assets, investments, and address circumstances that may cause friction in an already challenging situation. We take a team approach to ensure a comprehensive estate plan is in place.

As a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), Blackfish can provide you current and practical estate and tax planning tools. To learn more about how Blackfish can help create an estate plan to ease tough times, phone 604-437-1978 or contact us.

Estate Tax Returns

Compiling estate tax returns is more complex than personal tax returns.  Estate tax returns blend the personal tax return with the estate tax return.  Estate tax returns often require researching tax implications in relation to impact on beneficiaries.  If a clear and detailed estate plan exists estate tax return processes are streamlined, as tax planning is already done.

We understand the variety of estate planning options that are available.  We work to tailor an estate plan that addresses each client’s specific personal and family goals. In addition, Blackfish’s provides referrals to qualified and professional lawyers with the skills and experience necessary to prepare estate planning documents such as wills, alter-ego trusts, joint spousal trust, and disability trusts.

We can address special issues related to estate planning such as working along client’s lawyers to address income tax, accounting, and reporting requirements if an estate is subjected to legal action or forming a committeeship for a family member.  When a committeeship is required, Blackfish Accounting assists with Public Trustee record keeping and reporting requirements.

To learn more about Blackfish’s estate planning or estate tax preparation services, phone 604-437-1978 or contact us.